Copyright: Jayne & Levi
Music Video Release Date: September 20, 2019

Jayne & Levi are unstoppable! They are budding Christian artists that are based out of the United Kingdom. They were graced with the opportunity to lead worship at “Roots NYC” church in Astoria, NY from February 2019- May 2019 and continue to leave a lasting impact on the church, as a whole. Their most recent video, “Battlecry” (The Warehouse Sessions)” can be found on Youtube and was released on September 20, 2019!

“In the span of a month Levi had a loved one quite suddenly pass away, immediately following I (Jayne) was told I needed surgery for a tumor (praise God after it was benign, but unknown at the time and left with a hard recovery) in the same week also hearing some of the hardest news to my heart I’ve ever had to receive, threatening to unravel my world. This song wasn’t intended to be written… it just, sort of, became. I hid away at a piano, as it felt better to be fully be alone than to merely feel worlds away from the smiling faces of by passers. I began to play and to sing words, saying the things I wished there was a single person around who wanted to hear. I found there was — and always has been. That even if God was the only person who ever listened truly, that would be enough and I had freedom to tell him everything, to sit with him and be confused, to wonder what in the world he was doing. This song just became. Maybe one day I will change parts, but what you hear here is exactly as I played/wrote it the very first time. I just started and went through a whole song — and here it is as it was that day.” -Jayne of Jayne and Levi

If you’re in such a season or if you relate in any way, I hope it encourages you 

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